How Can 413Cares Help You Serve Our Communities? 

413Cares offers your agency a way to refer clients to other services and track their success. 413Cares connects your agency's services with those needing them; your organization gains referrals.

  • The public will find your organization/services more efficiently.
  • This online platform will stay up-to-date with the changing and availability of resources. You update your own listing!
  • It is the right thing to do - it brings our community together!

Who Will 413Cares Serve?

The Pioneer Valley (Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties)

How Does it Work?

  • Agencies and organizations serving the public "claim" and update their listings on
  • Your organization populates the site, prompted by an easy-to-use checklist.
  • Your staff can then make and receive referrals AND get feedback on whether your services were received!
  • You'll get data on referrals and searches in the region that you can use to support your development goals.

Who's Involved?

The 413Cares Advisory Committee:

If you would like to join the advisory committee, contact Shirley Rodriguez.

Download 413Cares info sheet.


413Cares is committed to helping you understand how to use this online community resource database by holding monthly basic or advanced training modules that provide an introduction of the platform to more in-depth training for you and your organization. Registration is required.  Below are the schedule and link to each module. 

Help Us Promote 413Cares on Your Organization's Website

Help us spread the news of 413Cares by adding the search widget to your organization's website.  Click here for a copy of the HTML code. 

Resources to Help Your Organization Get Started

413Cares is powered by Aunt Bertha. Here are standard training resources from Aunt Bertha that work for the locally branded site.  

Training for Community-based Organizations

Training for Helpers